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Feeling a little sluggish? Skin looking a bit dull? A cleansing detox will help to revitalise your system, rebalance your emotions, boost your immunity and restore your skin’s natural glow.

Here are our top tips for pain-free purification.

Week 1 – Prepare

The first phase of a detox starts by reducing your intake of meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods.

In their place eat more rainbow fruit and vegetables – ideally steamed or in casseroles, SuperFoods, and increase your daily water intake to 2 litres.

Fight cravings with Chia Seeds. Absorbing up to twelve times their weight in water, these SuperFood seeds form a gel that lines the stomach helping to keep hunger at bay.

Week 2 – Eliminate

A clean digestive tract ensures you get more nutrients from your food. Opt for brown rice, root vegetables, berries and a glass of fibre-rich Psyllium Husks in water.

Daily brisk body brushing, and a regular vigorous massage with Detox Toning Oil, targeting fatty areas, will stimulate the circulation helping to enhance skin tone.

Week 3 – Cleanse

Support your liver and kidneys with plenty of green foods, especially broccoli, cabbage and kale, ideally raw. Now is a good time to reintroduce cleansing citrus fruit, especially grapefruit.

Try our detoxifying Green & Clean Smoothie, featuring purifying Organic Greens Complex, with added Chia Seeds to help keep hunger at bay for longer.

Week 4 – Maintenance

Your detox is now complete, but take your time before rushing back to your old ways to enjoy the full energising and revitalising benefits.

An 80/20 rule is perfect here, and the one we love applies to just about everything. Follow your new healthy diet 80% of the time, allowing yourself to stray 20%, you’re more likely to keep up the good work and stay feeling energised and revitalised.

Don’t forget to do a digital detox for a mental health boost. Taking regular timeout from smart phones, tablets and laptops has been shown to help boost feelings of wellbeing, improve posture, encourage better sleep, enhance memory and ironically, makes people feel more connected.

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We love winter – roaring fires, bracing winter walks and beautiful frosty mornings. But it’s also the season for coughs, colds and flu, and when life’s so busy, who has time to be sick?
Here are a few immunity-boosting tips to help you fight winter bugs and bounce back more quickly.

Eat yourself well

Be strong and try to fight the temptation to hunker down with starchy comfort foods. Instead go for antioxidant-rich fruit and green vegetables. We know it’s dull, but avoiding sugar, caffeine and processed or high fat foods really helps, as does exercise and sleep.

Fight back

Vitamin C and zinc  have also been shown to help boost immunity and shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms.

Elderberries are rich in antioxidant vitamin C, while Echinacea is a great natural protector.



Essential oils make excellent winter tonics – diffuse decongesting Eucalyptus or inhale Frankincense.